Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This project started as a solution to my cotton, braided rugs that seem to get dirty...imagine that...
The dry cleaning is too expensive.
I did wash the rug ONCE in my washing machine
and had to "babysit" the load to keep the machine from
getting "off balance"...NO FUN!!!!
I thought I could eleminate the rug
but bare feet on cold tile is not something I enjoy.
So why not make a "slip cover" of sorts for the rug.
It could be taken off and washed when dirty
and popped back on..simple.
I rummaged thru my fabric stash and found a piece of material I had used for the bathroom valance...PERFECT!!!

Just enough....I love it when that happens...
is it fate?
 I take this as a sign and continue looking for something to put on the back.
This would make the rug reversible...buying me more time between washings.
Am I lazy?
No...just would rather be doing something creative rather than

After some pining, sewing, and stuffing of the rug into the slipcover...here it is!!

The front (or right side of the rug)

And the reverse (or back side of the rug)

Whew....mission accomplished!!!
My washing machine is happy...
My feet are happy (and warm)...
I have saved money...
And my cotton, braided rug doesn't have to spend time in the closet...or the misfortune of being donated to the thrift store.
One of my favorite sayings...
Necessity is the MOTHER of INVENTION!!

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