Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Eventful Day ...

Last Saturday was an exciting day!!
My sister and I have been talking about "cold calling" on some boutiques in the Laguna Beach area.
We set out with 3 bags full of my creative, handbag designs, and hoped for the best.
Close to Laurie's house in Laguna Niguel is a delightful store called "Unique Accents"
where we met Azi. She will take items on consignment as it gets closer to Christmas, but on July 19th from 5-8 PM she is having an open house event where she will set up a display of my Essential Luxuries, and serve wine and appetizers.
I couldn't say "yes, well, OK" fast enough. OMG
Then it was off to Laguna Beach where we found the store Duet Laguna.All merchandise is designed by artists from Laguna Beach, the US and Europe. The owner was very nice and right now his store is brimming with a number of purses, so he suggested I check back in September....but he told us to walk down the street
to "Just Looking" boutique. It was there we met Heshmet, and after showing her all the purses, she chose 3, to place on consignment in her lovely store that carries very expensive and unique designs....I'd say my handbags will fit in just fine!!!

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