Thursday, January 5, 2012


My garden is a  special place, filled with all sorts of "whimsical yard art" and of course lots of plants. I love stepping stones, and picked these up at the Vintage Marketplace, from Sandra's booth, Under the Sun With Me.

This gal will greet you as you enter my garden area, she gets all her clothes from the local thrift stores, or the Salvation Army, which she prefers...her shoes are from Holland, actual wooden clogs. She has her pitch fork and is ready to do some weeding.

 There are some seedlings ready for planting, which my sister gave me. And the little chair and stepping stone are part of the "whimsy" I was talking about!!

This area is inside my patio area, by the front door, the stone is another one from Sandra. Having a "thing" for little chairs, this garden patch holds part of the "collection"... did I mention shells are another one of my weaknesses?

I painted this gate a number of years ago, it leads into the back yard, and makes me smile and "check" my heart every time I walk thru it. How is your heart today?

Oh, for the love of wicker, and a quiet place to sit and listen to the birds and all God's creatures that seem to find their way into my yard.

Sam would love some "pets" if you would be so kind. I still have the Christmas plants out, better get them put away until next year.

This is the backside to that gate, and I stole one of Mary Englebreit's favorite sayings....BLOOM WHERE YOUR PLANTED... what a great thought to keep in our minds... we can shine no matter where we are in life. Well, I hope you have enjoyed the "tour"... I need to get back to pulling some weeds and planting those seedlings.
One is nearer God's heart
in a garden
than anywhere else on earth.

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sandra said...

Your garden is adorable!!! and the bricks look great :)) I won't be at the Vintage Marketplace in the Spring but I will be at Summers Past Farms Fair in April. Have fun in your garden, our weather sure has been making it nice !