Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Just think a minute about what takes place on and around the kitchen or dining room table. It's where all our family dramas, major and minor, tend to unfold. It's where we prop our elbows and talk, or sit up straight and dine. It's where we sort through the mail, dash off a note, make a to-do list, or chat on the phone with a friend. It's where the day begins and often ends, and where all that occurs in between gets discussed and revisited.
This is the intro to a book that I just finished reading. It is the most delightful book I have seen in ages, full of recipes, stories about how table linens have influenced women,  how to care for the linens, design with them and just plain "enjoy" them.
I have always been drawn to vintage towels, tableclothes, napkins, just about anything that looks like my "grandma" might have made or stitched it.
If your looking for an  "eye candy" book with lots of nostalgia, you must get this little gem.
  Let me know what you think after  a "good read"...enjoy!!!

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